Here is a small collection of some of my previous works, unrelated to my Toronto Gothic project. All drawings are done in ink on various types of paper, mainly watercolour paper. All rendering is completed in ink using stippling.

Supernova 190322.6.08

A farewell to my father.

Toronto Fire of 1904

Former Toronto Skyline

Looking north-east from the top of Union Station.

A Portrait of My Father

Toronto: Yonge and Dundas

Toronto: Bloor Street East

Toronto: Yonge and Bloor

Toronto: Union Station and the Royal York Hotel

Toronto: Hollywood Cinema (Yonge and St. Clair)

Henry Rollins

Lagertha (Katheryn Winnick)

Stanley Kubrick

Lagertha #2 (Katheryn Winnick)

Ryan Adams

Ryan Adams #2

Charlie Chaplin and Virginia Cherrill – Scene from “City Lights” (1931).

In this scene he has given her the money he went to so much trouble to raise to have her sight restored, but knows he’ll soon be going to jail because the police believe he stole it (he didn’t). So, while she is looking forward full of hope, at the same time he understands that when he sees her next, she will be able to see that he is just a lowly tramp without a cent to his name.