Guitar Arrangements

Since this page has become a place that I more or less share the things that I wish I was sharing with my Dad, I figured I would share these classical guitar arrangements I made which are dedicated to him. I wish that I could have shared the process with him…they’re both arranged from piano pieces, so there was a lot of interesting hurdles in adapting a piano score to guitar that I’m sure he would’ve found interesting.

The first one I did is Träumerei by Robert Schumann, which I heard on the radio and thought it would sound nice on guitar. I found out after that there were other arrangements for guitar but I’ve never listened to or watched anyone play them.

The next one I did was from one of my favourite composers and pianists, Franz Liszt. My favourite piece by him is Un Sospiro, but that could never be arranged for guitar. At least not one guitar. This piece is called Romance (s.169), which lended itself well to guitar, but still presented some challenges.